Puppet Fantasia
puppet fantasia


Puppet Fantasia is an Ultra Violet Puppet Show, created in 2008, as an alternative to Dayglo Indydarc.


A fantastic variation on the popular standard Dayglo Spectacular, Puppet Fantasia is a unique, fast paced, 40 minute show that received rave reviews on the Cabaret Circuit.


It is performed and designed by the same puppeteers that bring you Dayglo Indydarc and features over 65 colourful and vibrant puppets, that come to life to well known, feel good music tracks.


This show is truly a non-stop visual extravaganza that will leave a BIG impression!


Act that spans the generations, crosses the language barrier, and is perfectly suited to many different venues...


"Theatres | Cruises | Hotels | Clubs | Holiday Centres"




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