Colin Finley - The Stage


"With a wonderfully memorable name, Dayglo Indydarc enthralled the expectant audience with the skill of their performance. The colour and spectacle of this Act is very entertaining and suitable for audiences of any age."

Margaret Naish


"I watched the show at California Sands in April 2009 and was amazed by the sheer talent of the performers. I have never seen anything like it before, great show for all the family."

Joy David - The Stage


"The brilliant Dayglo Indydarc are two skillful puppeteers who operate their performers with lively choreography that is a joy to watch."

Mrs J Clark - Essex


"I have been taking my family to Haven Seashore for 8 years and this was the best Cabaret we have seen in all that time. The children loved the show and I laughed all the way through it."

Derek Wayland - The Stage


"Full of originality and staged with impeccable timing, here is a spesh act worthy of any bill."

Jenny Cadwallader


"I watched the show at Vauxhall holiday park and loved every minute. It was something completely different and really entertaining for all ages of my family. Brill!!!."

Jo Dailly


"I have seen the show several times at Pontins Hemsby. I think it is brilliant and can't wait to see the new show."

Natasha Bird


"My children have never been so well behaved in their lives. We saw your show at Potters  and now they have a DVD of the UV show, and they sit and watch it every day."

Laura Savidge


"Fantastic, would highly recommend it"


Danny Abbott


"Love the work you put into the show, can't wait until next year"

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