technical info



Our UV characters rely on Ultra Violet lighting tubes. This means that we require at least 1 standard mains power socket (240V).


Performance Blackout

For Dayglo to be effective a full blackout is required (i.e. windows, doors etc. should be masked to prevent entry of light and all non-essential lights must be switched off). Any curtains which block out light effectively must be drawn too. 


Performance Area

The show uses characters ranging from 1 metre to 3 metres in height  so a large working area of 5m (16') width x 4m (13') depth x 2m (7') height is required. The UV materials rely on their luminescence to be visible & must be kept clean and dry. A level, clean and tidy performance area is therefore essential. There must be at least 1.5m (5') between the audience and the stage area preferably without side seating.


Music & Photography

The show is performed to a pre-recorded soundtrack. We carry a portable sound system but use of an inhouse PA is preferable. Photography and video of the performance is prohibited due to the nature of the show needing darkness to get the full effect from the UV lighting.

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